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Slimming Massage Oil Femina

Net 160ml

Savon Minceur Femina 100 g (5)--




  • Use Express slimming soap FEMINA lightly massaging along the body and leave many FEMINA foam soap on your body as long as possible to allow better penetration of products.
  • Then apply the oil FEMINA the same body parts and rub vigorously for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Then wash with soap and rinse FEMINA with water (End of 1 st session).

 FEMINA is specially designed to help you:

  • Remove excess fat quickly, toxic, and cellulitis.
  • Improving the quality of long-term skin while cleansing, toning, …
  • Improve blood circulation, firmness and tone the bust.
  • Prevent relaxation of muscles.
  • Relieve tired legs.
  • Mitigate the imperfections of your aesthetics.
  • Keep a good shape …

Use soap and oil FEMINA for quick and visible thinning.

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